History of plant

In post-war years in Aktubinsk area (nowadays the Republic of Kazakhstan), situated not far from village Donskoe, geologists discovered the largest in Soviet Union deposit of chromium ore (chromites), and this discovery gave much perspective to quick increase of chromium salts production in the country.

In 1956 the decision was taken about building of Novotroitsk plant of chromium compounds. The necessity of its construction was based on numerous industrial requirements for chromium compounds, which found its vast application in different sectors of national economy.

The first clock – house of plant

Construction of plant according to the project of “Uralgiprohim” began in 1959. The trust “Orskmetallurgstroi” (renamed afterwards into “Novotroitskmetallurgstroi”) and number of subcontracted organizations commenced realization of this project. The plant was referred to the category of constructions with special control over terms of putting into operation.

Labor day

The 25th of March, 1963, in compliance with the target date, Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds consisting of 2 workshops: workshop of Sodium Monochromate and Workshop of Sodium Bichromate was taken into operation by State committee and put into the number of operating plants. And already the 6th of April the first wagon with melted Sodium Dichromate was ceremonially sent to Moscow enterprise.

The 29th of June, 1963, the workshop of Chrome Oxide was taken into operation, and in 1 year since this event the workshop of Sodium Sulphide was put into operation.

Production of Sodium Dichromate

The first export delivery was accomplished the 31th of March, 1964: this very day the wagon with Sodium Dichromate was sent to Yugoslavia.

In 1967 the plant began its profitable work and soon the planned production capacity was developed for chromium compounds and for Sodium Sulphide.

In 1968 the plant commenced production of oil paints on the basis of Chrome Oxide.

Calcining furnaces of Sodium Monochromate workshop

In 70s at the expense of technologies perfection and technical reequipment, production of pigments - Lead Chrome and Zink Chrome was organized; using the wastage from Chrome Oxide production, plant (firstly in the country) opened manufacturing of Chrome Phosphate.

Workshop of chromium compounds

Meanwhile, the production of Lead Chrome was based on wasteless method of getting pigment of high intensity; Chrome Phosphate production was proved by three inventor's certificates. The same years the plant fulfilled considerable program on improving quality of products. In August 1976 Sodium Dichromate Crystalline of premium grade acquired state Certification Mark. In subsequent years Chrome Oxide of premium grade, Lead Chrome Yellow of premium grade, Zinc Trioxychromate, Zink Chromate, Potassium Chromate, Zinc Tetroxy Chromate, and Sodium Sulphide Granular were tested according to the highest quality class.

Samples of products put out by plant

In 1987 plant workers started an output of enamels, and already in 1990 on the territory of plant the shop of consumer goods producing paints and varnishes was established.

The 2nd October, 1992, the plant was reformed into joint-stock company of open type – “Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds”.

Conducted works in sphere of technical upgrading of manufacture, jobs on working out of news products in functioning production spaces made it possible to constantly increase the production of marketable output – during last decades plant extended output more than in twice.

Shipment of Chromic Anhydride

In 1994 OJSC “NPCC” set in motion production of dry chrome tanning agent like a response to the tanner’s needs in high-quality product for leather processing; the next year Chromic Anhydride manufacturing was branched out.

OJSC “Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds” continued its development: expanded production, led construction of new objects by its own means and forces. In June 1995 again by the forces of plant the second extension of Sodium Monochromate production was launched. That gave a start to new augmentation of production to the extent of 70 thousand chromium compounds produced per annum. In the history of plant it was next stage of further confident steps forward.

Organization of new production of Chrome Oxide Metallurgical

In 1996 in connexion with change of legal organizational form the plant was registered like open joint stock company “Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds”.

In 1997 the plant launched production of Sodium Sulphate in amount of 6000 tons per 1 month; this production was based on technology of Sodium Bichromate waste recycling. This kind of production is widely used in chemical industry for synthetic powder detergents manufacture, in pulp and paper industry and in glass industry for output of paper, sheet glass and empties. OJSC “NPCC” confidently took its place among suppliers of these industrial segments in economy of new Russia.

Production of Chrome Oxide Metallurgical

Since 1998 the plant got also engaged in Chrome Oxide Metallurgical production. The increased level of production volumes, new types of products helped not only in keeping work staff, but also in providing supplementary workplaces and these things consequently, as it was expected, increased profits, which gave and give nowadays possibility to decide social affairs of all the staff.

Packing of Chrome Metal

The 20th August, 2000, the first industrial melting of Chrome Metal took place, and this very day by right can be considered as birth day of this product in NPCC; Chrome Metal can be used in metallurgy industry for special steels alloying and for production of various alloys, in aeronautical and space-system engineering, in chemical and atomic machine-building. Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds turned from “purely” chemical plant into chemicometallurgical one.

Reverberating furnaces of new production section

In 2010 the group of constructors, experts of Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds began the construction of two new production sections and already in the end of 2010 an electric arc furnace for processing of Chrome Metal slag and for ferrochromium production was put into operation. Besides, the plant established fully-automatic manufacturing of aluminium powder, which is very important component for Chrome Metal production. This helped to eliminate dependence on this type of raw material and unstable shipment carried out by traditional producers. With pride for all staff of plant it can be noted that the task on construction of this great and expensive establishment was set and then accomplished in times of world-wide financial crisis, moreover, plant managed again with the help of its own funds.

Laboratory of Ferrochromium Workshop

The plant became the leader in Russia and the one of leading plants in the world specializing in Chrome Metal production with the quantity of 9000 tons produced per annum.

In the course of its activity, personnel are constantly dealt with improving quality of products, improvement of trade appearance of products under the control of factory laboratory, equipped with modern outfit. For example, plant bought diversified laboratory of western firms for identifying ultimate composition of Chrome Metal in the shop of ferroalloys.

Control laboratory

The great attention was always paid to protection of labor and to preservation of the environment. Since 1991, the plant twice organized reconstruction of sludge reservoir. The last reconstruction took place in 2008 and it cost 150 million rubles. The modernization and perfection of off-gas cleaning system reduced atmospheric emissions more than in eight times for last 20 years!

The success of every staff is a merit of people, their creative mind, and honest labor. More than a hundred of plant-workers and veterans were honored with state rewards (medals, diplomas, premiums) for their progress in production and for allegiance to the plant.

Switch panel of Chrome Oxide Production

Many years of Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds were marked not only by increase of production figures and also by high estimation of all the laboring staff.

In 1995 for the successful survival and development in conditions of socio-economic crisis, for stability in work NPCC like plant which could prevail over the circumstances was awarded to international reward – “Torch of Birmingham”. Chemists from Novotroitsk were conferred more than once on an international award “Goldstar” for high quality of products.

In 2000 Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds joined the rating of 100 Russian largest plants-exporters; in 2001 plant received a title “The best plant of the area-2000” in nominations “For the most dynamic development”, “For the highest financial effectiveness”.

Second building of Sodium Monochromate workshop

Four years ago OJSC “NPCC” was nominated with the status of laureate of Program “The hundred of the best goods in Russia” and received the diploma for quality of Chrome Metal.

In 2007 the plant from little Ural town became the laureate of International premium “The Badge of Honor. The Commonwealth Star” in nomination “The best company of Commonwealth of Independent States”.

The following year the plant got a diploma of winner in VIII Regional Contest “Economic leader” in nomination “The best exporter” based on the Company’s results in the year 2008.

The year 2009 - Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds won a contest of energetic cooperation in nomination “Industrial plants”.

Warehouse of manufactured goods

In 2011 the plant became laureate of IV Annual international premium “The best tax-payer of 2011”, and was awarded with corresponding diploma in the context of Seventeenth Ceremony of Official Public Recognition “The Elite of National Economy”.

The October of 2011 was again marked with the win of plant in XI regional annual competition “Economic leader-2011”. Summarizing the results of work, the Advisory committee of contest awarded NPCC with badge “Industry leader-2011” and with two Diplomas of Winners in two nominations “The Best Plant” and “The Best Exporter”.

Clock – house of OJSC “NPCC”

Geography of countries where the production of open joint stock company “Novotroitsk plant of chromium compounds” is shipped includes five continents. Relationship with many partners was developing over many years. And always in cooperation with clients NPCC put the trust, reliability and mutual respect into the center.

In almost semi centennial history of plant many things were done, but in Future there are tasks not less difficult, demanding huge investments into production, into technical and managing staff. There is a firm confidence that the normal working conditions (which the every honestly working plant has right to figure on) will help in solving these tasks and plant will continue make the customers glad by its production, contributing considerably to regional economy, economy of town and country.

Almost half of year passed since the date of plant’s birth and to the present moment a great deal was done, moreover, the life continues and Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds keeps on enriching its history with new glorious pages.