March, 26, 2018

The market place: reserved for many years to come

The Chinese Spring Festival holiday has become a long-awaited ending of a chain of Christmas & New Year’s holiday worldwide after which the temp of the market trading is turning back to its normal conditions. According to the international market, South African chrome ore prices and the Turkish chrome ore prices temporarily stabilized. The Mining-Bulletin Magazine gives a pretty clear view on the international market situation with the chrome ore pricing. It’s reported that from the beginning of March, when the price have dramatically increased, there is no big movement of the chrome ore market. The South African chrome concentrate suppliers’ offer is relatively strong and they maintain their prices at present and even continue its increasing based on the rigid demand. read more...

On the other hand, other chrome ore market prices are also strong. Turkey is the largest supply country of mainstream chrome ore lumps. And their chrome ore mining is reduced in winter period, so they do not have any chrome ore stocks on hand. They would like to raise their offers.

As the exhibition contractors admitted, before the fair started there was some hesitance due to trade sanctions being imposed unilaterally by US and threats by both China and Europe to retaliate. However, there were crowds of visitors registering and trying to enter the fair around midday at the very first day.

Over 900 exhibitors from 44 countries and regions exhibited their goods and services at the fair this year. Among them there were four Russian companies including JSC “Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds”, the regular exhibitor. Traditionally at their stand it was difficult to sit down and have any meaningful conversations for much of the time as enquiries were prevalent keeping exhibitors on their toes. The interest of the visitors was bent to Sodium Dichromate manufactured by JSC “NPCC” that is used for tanning agent production as well as to the tanning agent itself manufactured by Novochrom Ltd. – the faithful partner of JSC “NPCC”. Nevertheless other products of the brand NPCC wasn’t left unattended. Those who wished could not only to look into the specifications for all the range of the products offered by JSC “NPCC”, but to receive samples for labour tests at the stand as well.

There were plenty of themes to be discussed but the main one was surely the price policy of JSC “NPCC”. Though the buyers are optimistic about the chrome compounds prices they still find it is hard to make a deal. In the face of continuous rising price of raw materials some market participants expect the mines to release higher prices in the coming weeks.

As APLF is a barometer of the market place, one could draw the conclusion that the throngs of visitors were intent on finding what prices really were as lower prices tend to stimulate latent demand. However, the enthusiasm and throngs of visitors do not make sales or sign contracts. One of the fair reviews states that the plenty of bids and offers is almost a case of “never the twain shall meet” as buyers continued to hold out for lower prices as the hours of the fair ticked by. It is true that everyone wants to get some benefit from the deal but it doesn’t mean that the buyer and the seller can’t make a deal on mutually beneficial conditions. Such fairs and exhibitions support the market participants in sharing the helpful information and in negotiating the win-win deals. That’s how the management of JSC “NPCC” reasons and they don’t lose.

March, 25, 2018

WE ARE 55!

Dear colleagues, partners, friends!

I congratulate you with our glorious jubilee – the 55th anniversary of Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds!

Nowadays our plant is a flagman of the industry of Orenburg area, and this isn’t an overstatement. Confidently following the course of modernization and continuous technical re-equipment, we are opening new production facilities, supplying Russian enterprises with our products; we are entering new markets, developing non-primary exports; we are fully paying all taxes, financially supporting the institutional properties of our town and our region. read more...

We have wonderful people, real professionals at our plant. Every day we solve our main task - to win and to strengthen the trust of our customers, the trust in the quality of our products, the trust in the plant itself. And we succeed, and not for one decade. This is, of course, the merit of the whole team. Therefore, our anniversary is a holiday of our veterans who stood at the development roots of the plant and for many years had been working for the benefit of JSC “NPCC”, and of the current generation of factory workers, who honestly and responsibly carry out their work every day. It is a holiday of those who, following the glorious traditions of their predecessors and mentors, multiply the glory of the plant, protect the earned authority of the enterprise and do everything to ensure its to further strengthening.

I express my sincere gratitude for diligence, skill and faithfulness to the chosen profession.

I wish you all good health, vitality, happiness and prosperity!

Mr. V.I. Izmalkin

General Director
of Joint Stock Company
“Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds”

December, 6, 2017

Getting ready to the upcoming year.

It’s coming a new year, a season when the companies are actively preparing to the upcoming year. Especially hot is the time before Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

However the hot period for JSC “NPCC” hasn’t been unmitigated for a long time. From September to November 2017 the plant represented its products on 4 international exhibitions: “KHimya 2017”, “ACLE”, “Metal-Expo”, and “SFChina”. Each of the exhibitions has opened new windows for the development of business relations of the company and has made some contribution to the improvement of production technologies. read more...

The exhibition of chemistry and science “KHimya 2017” taken place in Moscow 24 to 26 October 2017 has received the highest rates among the professionals as well as at the government level. Prime Minister of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has commented the exhibition as following: “This oldest show of industry achievements has become an event of the world-class. It attracts the attention of specialists from Russia and abroad. As a tradition the exhibition is a great place to demonstrate the newest achievements of chemical industry, and mutually beneficial contracts are concluded”

JSC “NPCC” isn’t limited with only these goals but uses the opportunity provided with the exhibition in order to follow the tendencies of the chemical products market and to stay on its wave.

For its 20th anniversary, ACLE (29-31 August 2017, Shanghai) underscored not only the energy in Chinese market, but also a number of trends in both the domestic and international leather industries. As Michael Duck, Director of APLF Limited, has noticed, the exhibition ranks as one of the most importance events held in China in the leather industry. The participation in this exhibition gives to JSC “NPCC” another opportunity to show its success for the part year to the visitors and to find ideas for the further development.

The successful one was also the exhibition “SFChina” held 15 to 17 November 2017 in Shanghai. As the organizers say, it exceeded all expectations. Around 400 companies working in galvanic and surface treatment industry from 20 different countries have represented their products and services to the visitors; 85 companies from these numbers were the debutants on this exhibition. The total number of 2017 exhibitors represented a rise of 23% and 14% as compared to its 2016 Guangzhou and 2015 Shanghai editions. The visitors (there were over 11 000 people this year) evaluated the products of JSC “NPCC” on its merits and showed a lot of interest to them.

Meanwhile on 17 November 2017 the 23rd International industrial exhibition “Metal-Expo’2017” has finished with a great result. 530 companies from 35 countries around the world joined the exhibition this year. The exhibition was attended by about 29 thousand specialists from 60 countries, where a wide range of manufacturers and suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, equipment for metallurgy and metalworking, suppliers of raw materials for metallurgy and companies from metallurgical industries were presented.

The organizers of each exhibition have already summed up, and they talk about the excellent results of the work done. But the results of JSC "NCCP" participation in them will show up in the coming year. But already now it can be confidently asserted that they will justify all the company's expectations.

April, 10, 2017

Going with the tide and turning the rocks of global economics.

Spring comes to its rights and brings a piece of calmness with. The global shock after the total price increase for Chrome ore and other Chrome chemicals in the chain has gone and the whole business world has been started stabilizing. The price increase has strongly affected not only Chrome chemicals manufacturers but their down-stream users as well. Thus, a quite big range of international industries was touched by the recent events. Nevertheless, the global Chrome business world can’t be stopped and has to deal with the current market situation no matter how hard it is. read more...

In such uneasy times Hong Kong remains a constant place for business negotiations and searching for mutual and beneficial solutions face-to-face. That is why JSC “NPCC” have been taking part in APLF Leather & Materials+ held this year on 29-31 March.

Multiple discussions with the regular customers as well as meetings with some competitor companies and sharing useful information with each other always help to define the existing high points for each target local market, and to keep an ear to the ground of international market situation in general.

The APLF 2017 in Hong Kong furnished proof of strength of leather industry as many tannery factories not only hold their production capacity but also make plans to expend the production lines.

Meanwhile, another exhibition – Surtech 2017 – taken place on 29-31 March in Incheon, South Korea has become a brand new platform for JSC “NPCC” to explore the situation in coating and surface treatment industry. This industry was affected by the global price changes as well. Studying the news of the domestic market it can be said that yet the South Korea was hit hard by the global financial crisis its present economics can’t be called weak. Viewed from within the region South Korea demonstrates a meteoric rise and an assertive behavior on the market.

In sum, Asian market of Chrome chemicals develops with a murderous intensity what gives a good chance to turn the rocks of Chrome industry to all market players.

December, 7, 2016

Sales must go on.

Recently the international market of inorganic chemicals was punch-drunk with a sharp rises of chrome ore costs. It has affected chrome products customers. read more...

Nevertheless it hasn’t stopped the majority of them from joining the ChinaCoat 2016 & SFChina 2016 Fairs. From November, 30 to December, 2 representatives of different companies were having a chance not only of showing their product lines but of discussing the current market situation as well. Especially when there is a lot of topics to be discussed.

A weekly news magazine The Economist points that in about three last weeks the emerging-market currencies have been losing its ground. The yuan has fallen to its lowest level against dollar since 2008. India’s demonetization has destabilized the rupee on the international market. All the crises in Asian economics make business cooperation with this region slow.

During the fair the representatives of NPCC have met with their current partners and potential customers as well as with their competitors. In these uneasy times for chrome market the team of Novotroitsk plant notes with regret that even the strongest manufacturers can’t take a heat and have to freeze their production. But strategically thinking management of NPCC and their true-blue partners hold the factory on the top.

For the nth time NPCC have proved that nothing will stop them as well as their increasing sales volumes.

25 September 2016

Feeling at home.

The annual exhibition Khimiya-2016 that took place in Moscow, Russia has ended with a great success for many companies. Over 250 factories and their partners from 13 countries working in chemical industry had a chance to present their products, equipment, and services from 19 to 23 September 2016. read more...

The regular exhibitors have noticed that this year showed up by the fewer representatives. “Perhaps, the world crisis has affected the business operation of some factories,” the representatives of JSC “NPCC” noted. “Nevertheless our company continues its steady production of chromium compounds and is ready to supply them on internal market as well as on international market”. Indeed the stand of the plant was much sought after by visitors and other exhibitors during the whole exhibition period.

It’s worth to say that despite the constant basis of participation in the exhibition and well-known company’s brand JSC “NPCC” has found new customers who showed an interest to company’s products as well as new suppliers of equipment.

At the end of the exhibition JSC “NPCC” was given the certification of regular exhibitor.

16 August 2016

Looking for new ideas and technologies.

The summer season of 2016 was hot for JSC “NPCC” in every sense. Sales are going on as well as new starts. read more...

Constantly developing its production and expending the product line JSC “NPCC” explores its interest field. So, concentration on widening of the metallurgical goods had allowed the plant to join the International exhibition MMMM-2016 (Minerals, Metals, Metallurgy & Materials) scheduled on 8-12 August in New Delhi, India. As one of the most significant events on Indian minerals and metals market the exhibition serves a good platform for maintenance of successful business and its advance for resource companies, manufacturers, and traders.

The MMMM-2016 covers many industry segments which helps a lot with developing of current relationships and finding of new contacts. That was exactly what Novotroitsk Plant did. The MMMM-2016 admitted to JSC “NPCC” of studying Indian market of metals and minerals closely and opened brand new horizons for the company.

Inspired with the exhibition atmosphere and Indian spirit NPCC has turned back home with new ideas for further improving of its services.

2 April 2012

NPCC on International Forum of Leather Industry.

Buyers and manufacturers of leather and leather goods from over the world meet together every spring in Hong Kong for taking participation in exhibition “Materials, Manufacturing & Technology”. This exhibition took its rise in 1984 and nowadays it is considered the most important annual event in global leather industry. This year in “Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre” 1255 exhibitors from fifty countries were presented, 73 of them took a part in this exhibition for the first time. read more...

Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds is not newcomer on this forum for business-representatives in the world of leather, materials, and technologies for leather production. More than decade the representatives of our plant meet on this exhibition its business-partners, discuss risen questions, developing further cooperation with these companies. This March of 2012 hasn’t become an exception from pleasant rules. The range of important meetings was held, where the companies exchanged their opinions on situation in market of leather and chemical materials for its processing, the connections with prospective consumers of plant production were established.

30 Jun 2011 by Metal-Pages "Pollution claims against Novotroitsk chromium plant dropped"

17 Jun 2011

Russian Environmental Protection Service has closed the file against air pollution by OJSC "NPCC"

Moscow, 17 June – The Russian News & Information Agency RIA Novosti.

Russian Environmental Protection Service in the Orenburg area has stopped all actions against Open Joint Stock Company “Novotroitsk plant of Chromium Compounds”, prosecuted for the excess of damaging emissions into atmospheric air by 40 times as it says in the decision of the Authority, which is at the news agency's disposal. read more...
Early April The Federal Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology reported that the findings of the unscheduled inspection of the plant by The Russian Environmental Protection Service (Rosprirodnadzor) during which the excess in emissions had been revealed, could likely become grounds for a temporary stoppage of the plant. “To stop on the case of administrative law infringement provided for by the section 2, Article 8.21 of Russian Federation Code of Administrative Offences of RF “Violating the terms and conditions of a special permit to exhaust harmful substances into atmospheric air, or to exert harmful physical influence on it ” versus OJSC “NPCC” through absence of the said infringement in actions of the legal entity”,- the regulation says, dated of June, 2nd , having entered into legal force the other day. The plant's general director Mr. Alexey Ivanov explained to RIA Novosti the falseness of position of the Russian Environmental Protection Service, the specialists who inspected, compared the total quantity of discharge with the index of one component only, contained in discharge but not with the total quantity of harmful substance.

“Correspondingly, comparing the permitted quantity of dust emission with the results of analysis, it is distinctly seen that the excess of discharge by 40 times has not found, besides the real quantity of discharge is about twice less than permitted – 2,97 g/s ( grams per second) at the permitted quantity - 4,01 g/s. Consequently, Russia's Environmental Protection Service jumped to conclusions concerning the violation of Ecological Legislation from OJSC “NPCC” as the management of the plant had reported many times about it earlier”, - Mr. Ivanov commented to the news agency RIA Novosti.

01 Jun 2011 by Metal-Pages "Novotroitsk chromium plant says tests prove it's not polluting"